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Our grants management solutions support research funders across every major scientific discipline.

Altum’s cloud-based software is used by scientific grant makers investing in chemistry, biomedical, general science, agriculture, energy, conservation and the environment, and innumerable other research areas.

Grants management software for every research area

Our software is designed to support your research grant making mission – whatever your focus.

Our cloud-based software is helping grant makers accelerate scientific discovery across a multitude of focus areas including chemistry, life sciences, general science, agriculture, energy, and more. Our solutions help funders of all sizes automate and streamline their research grant making efforts, measure impact, and confidently communicate results.


Our turnkey platform is purpose-built for research funding from application to peer review, award, and beyond. We believe in science, the scientific method, and the power of research funding. Our goal is to help your organization accelerate its mission by making smarter grants faster.

Biomedical research.

Grant makers that support biomedical research provide awards and scholarships to scientists who study human physiology, genetics, genomics, molecular biology, medicine, or other disciplines that align with the treatment or understanding of disease. This focus area represents the largest concentration of funders on the Altum platform. Some of the funders focused on biomedical research on the Altum platform include The American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Stand Up 2 Cancer, Parkinson’s Foundation, and The Stem Cell Network (Canada).

Chemistry research.

Chemistry involves the study of the structure, composition, and properties of matter. Funders that make research grants in chemistry are driven to understand the fundamental behavior of matter in terms of its properties and behavior and to advance the practical application of chemistry for the betterment of all mankind. The Welch Foundation is among the various grant makers on Altum that focus on chemistry.

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Agriculture research.

Agriculture research is aimed at improving the quantity and quality of crops by their genetic improvement, irrigation, better plant protection, storage methods, farm mechanization, and better management of resources. Grant makers that support agriculture research invest in efforts that produce results that benefit farmers, consumers, and the environment. The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, California Walnut Commission, and the Peanut Institute Foundation are some of the scientific grant makers using Altum to advance agriculture research.

Natural sciences research.

The natural sciences are the sciences that deals with the objects, phenomena, or laws of nature and the physical world. Natural sciences form the basis for applied science subjects and focus on the study of the universe and the rules of nature. There are five branches of natural science: Biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, and astronomy. The Human Frontier Science Program is one of the funders on Altum that focus on natural sciences – specifically on understanding the complex mechanisms of living organisms.

Environmental and marine science research.

Environmental science and marine science research are interdisciplinary academic fields that draw on geology, biology, ecology, chemistry, engineering, and physics to study environmental challenges and human impacts on the earth and the oceans. Funders make investments in scientists who study both the biological and social factors that impact ecological systems and identify breakthroughs to support environmental conservation efforts. Fondation Bertarelli and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) are two of the funders on Altum focused on environmental research, specifically marine science.

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