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ProposalCentral for Institution Grants Management

ProposalCentral helps research institutions tap into funding, gain control of their application and award pipeline, and realize the full potential of their researchers’ scientific efforts. 

Elevate your institution’s research efforts.

ProposalCentral streamlines the entire grants management process from application to award, enabling institutions to capture more funding and gain perfect visibility into their researchers’ funding efforts from application to award.


Manage Your Application and Award Pipeline

Stay in control of your grant-seeking efforts through a centralized dashboard, built-in signature controls, automated alerts, and a mobile app that keeps you connected.

Access the Largest Independent Funding Database

Search for funding from 200+ funding organizations and 600+ programs in one place, receive alerts as new funding opportunities get posted, and stay on top of trends in proposals, applications, and awards.

Ensure Data Consistency Across Applications

Be confident knowing that your researchers have access to the right data at all times, your institution profile is always up-to-date and used consistently across all applications and grant touchpoints.

It’s been such an easy transition to ProposalCentral. And it’s going well for two main reasons: The solution is user-friendly and the Altum customer service has been fabulous.



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Get a demo and see how far your grant-seeking efforts can take you and the insights your institution can obtain.

Search for Funding

The largest unbiased and independent grant’s management research network, connecting nearly 600,000 researchers with more than $1B in funding opportunities every year. Gain access to over 600 programs from 200+ funding organizations.

Real-time Proposal Notifications

Get email alerts every time a new application is added by your researchers. The system will automatically notify you when one of your team members submits a proposal enabling you to stay on top of new grant seeking efforts from day 1.

Visibility and Control

Track all awards, awardees, and applications (past and present) from a single dashboard. And stay on top of important proposal dates while keeping your researchers on track with automated deadline alerts.

Digital Signatures and Approval Controls

A built in e-signature capability for institutions and applications makes the approval process a breeze. And as an institution, you stay in control. Applicants cannot submit new proposals without institution sign off in the system. 

Control Your Profile

Your institution’s profile is maintained by your central office ensuring that institution details and approver information is always up to date, which reduces the risk of clerical error and makes life easier on you and your grant applicants.

Application Content in One Place

Maintain all your application data securely and accurately in one system of record. ProposalCentral replaces the disparate systems you use today, and provides a complete solution that ensures all researcher, award, and grant information is connected and up to date.

Proven Results with Altum ProposalCentral.

The largest independent grants making research network in the world. Connecting hundreds of funding organizations with over 600,000 researchers.


Funded Grants

1.5 Million

Peer-Review Critiques


ProposalCentral Users

Over 30,000

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