Our commitment to open science

Altum is committed to open science, data transparency, and a more inclusive research ecosystem.


Our Commitment

Systems built over centuries have encouraged us to protect our work, to guard our funding, to gate our breakthroughs. There is exceptional value in holding ourselves to the highest standards in publication and research—but there is also exceptional value in peeling back the layers that have slowed us down to accelerate forward. Open research is here. Altum makes sure you’re ready.

The possibilities with open science are

Altum supports industry standards


Altum’s products are built for open science.

of applicants on ProposalCentral use an ORCID ID (June 2022)

Without a universal identifier for researchers, it’s difficult to identify applicants, avoid peer review conflict of interest, and manage awardee deliverables.

ORCID allows scientists to manage their biography, career accomplishments, and education information in one place – saving them time and ensuring that the researcher and their outputs are unambiguous.

how we do it

Without a universal identifier for researchers and awardees, it’s difficult to identify, track or highlight the work that they do.

With an ORCID ID associated with the researcher, reporting for institutions and funders becomes easier and more accurate.

how we do it

Researchers on Proposal Central are cited in nearly 2 million publications on the platform. (June 2022)

Without a universal identifier for grants, it’s difficult to see the connections between awards and outputs.

Crossref ensures that every grant is clearly and uniquely identified, making it easy to understand the relationships between funding and impact.

how we do it


The Holy Grail for boards and donors is to show the return on investment associated with research grants. This is incredibly challenging today. First you must establish the connections between awardees, grants, publications, and patents. Then you must visualize those connections. Doing this without persistent identifiers is vexing, laborious, and prone to fail.

Altum Insights enables grant makers to see the connections instantly and accurately between people, programs, and publications. Funders that require the use of ORCID IDs for all applicants and who push grants to the Crossref Registry get the highest return.

how we do it

Our goal goes way beyond simplifying and automating grants management.

(Sure, we do that.
And we do it well.)

Our mission is to give you all the tools you need to improve your grant making. To make smarter funding decisions faster. And to help you understand and communicate your impact so that you can delight your donors and accelerate your mission.

A complete Grants Management platform to simplify and accelerate your funding efforts.

A Search and Discovery tool to see and understand the impact of your programs.

Analytics and Reporting to measure and improve grant making performance.

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A Few of our Clients & Partners

Altum is proud to work with excellent clients and a group of wonderful partners. It’s our privilege to help organizations achieve their missions so that they can make an even larger positive impact on the world.

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The largest independent grant making platform in the world. Connecting hundreds of funding organizations with over 600,000 researchers.

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