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Mar 17, 2021

Maximizing Research Grant Impact

Originally recorded on March 17, 2021, this one-hour session covers the latest solutions in the Altum portfolio and case studies from research funders who are adopting these technologies to measure and communicate impact and outcomes. In addition, this event features a special TED-style talk by Dr. Euan Ashley, Professor of Medicine & Genetics at Stanford University, and the author of the new bestseller, The Genome Odyssey.

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Jan 14, 2021

Best Practices & Emerging Approaches to Improve Research Outcomes in 2021

Originally recorded on January 14, 2021, this webinar explores the challenges, trends, and best practices that are shaping the research ecosystem in 2021. Esteemed speakers from across the research ecosystem uncover how advances in open science, metadata, crowdsourcing, and artificial intelligence are reshaping the way research happens.

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