December 30, 2020

Altum’s 2020 Recap

While the pandemic brought on unprecedented challenges and change, we are proud of what we accomplished as a team and even more proud of what our customers accomplished while faced with adversity this year. We showed what’s possible when an industry comes together, openly shares ideas and innovation, and supports one another. Before turning the page on a very challenging 2020, here’s a short review of Altum’s major milestones from the year gone by. 



We are proud to have welcomed more new funders to the ProposalCentral platform in 2020 than in any previous year.  With the pandemic, many funding organizations saw a decrease in their funding, and lots of grant makers turned to ProposalCentral to accelerate impact and optimize their funding efforts  

Here are just a few of the new funding organizations who joined ProposalCentral in 2020.  

Read more about why The ALS Association and Cancer Research Society chose ProposalCentral 



Altum’s grants management system, ProposalCentral, becomes the 1st ORCID certified platform for funders.   In 2020, over 63% of applicants had an ORCID iD. This provides funders a greater visibility into each researcher’s career contributions during the application phase and provides visibility beyond the award.  

ORCID-Integration with ProposalCentral 



Altum unveiled Open as its underlying brand vision.  Open is a mindset and a belief that to truly create change we must break down the walls and silos that have hindered innovation for centuries.   “Open is our strategic focus and initiative to have research funders, researchers, institutions, the scholarly publishing community, and standards organizations work together to collaborate, share data, and embrace the Open Science journey.” Steve Pinchotti, CEO of Altum.  

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Altum welcomed new employees across every function and announced the hiring of the company’s first Chief Marketing Officer. Kevin Fliess joined in October 2020 to lead all marketing programs and support the accelerated adoption of Altum’s solutions by funders, institutions and researchers worldwide.    

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Altum became a sponsoring partner with Crossref to help funders measure the reach and return of their grant making efforts. Altum is only one of four Crossref sponsoring organizations in the Americas.  When a funder on ProposalCentral chooses to participate, each award is registered in Crossref with a Document Object Identifier (DOI). This grant DOI provides a direct link between a publication and the grant enabling funders to track research outcomes and impact.  Close to 30 funding organizations have already joined Crossref as members. 

Altum Partners with Crossref 



Altum relaunched its corporate website and brand identify to reflect its vision of an open research funding ecosystem and also rebranded to give it a similar look to 

Are you a Funder?  Are you a Researcher?  Are you an Institution? 



Altum released its first mobile app for ProposalCentral  If you have an access role of “Institution Official” and are subscribed as an institution to ProposalCentral Insights for Institutions, then you’ll have access to the mobile app, currently in beta.   

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Altum was named a Northern Virginia Technology Council’s (NVTC) Tech 100 honoree.   

“We’re honored to be named a 2020 NVTC 100 Honoree. At Altum, our values are vision, innovation, and pace. As a software company dedicated to helping the scientific community unleash innovation, we will continue to pioneer new solutions for our customers, helping them unlock the full potential of their efforts and deliver outcomes that benefit humanity faster,” Said Steve Pinchotti, CEO of Altum. 

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We know this has been a challenging year full of unprecedented change. Thank you to all our new and existing customers for your partnership. Altum has been around for more than two decades and we remain steadfastly committed to your mission and your success! Here’s to much success in 2021!