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2023 Funder Forum

Research funders continue to gather at a central nexus, eager to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of global grant making.

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Reflections on This Year's Grant Making Evolution

This past September 19-21, the vibrant community of research funders reconvened at the APTA Centennial Center in Alexandria, VA, for the insightful and transformative Altum’s Funder Forum. Building on the success of last year's event, the forum continued to serve as a crucible for exploring pressing topics in global grant making, including Open Science, Artificial Intelligence, and the increasingly vital roles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in research funding.

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Event Approach

Our unwavering commitment to open science, data transparency, and an inclusive research ecosystem was clearly reflected in the structure of our recent forum. We created an event where funders converged to exchange insights, address common challenges, and forge collaborative strategies for a higher standard of grant funding.


Collaborative Exploration and Future Planning

We kicked off our sessions by harnessing the collective expertise of ProposalCentral customers, engaging them in collaborative brainstorming to innovate features and map out strategic roadmaps. This set a forward-thinking tone for the entire forum, emphasizing our commitment to shaping the future of grant funding together.


Engagement with Cutting-Edge Topics

The forum’s agenda was rich with in-depth explorations of pivotal topics, such as the transformative role of Open Science, the impact of Artificial Intelligence on funding frameworks, and the development of effective Impact Assessment strategies. These discussions served as a robust forum for knowledge sharing and sector advancement.


Dynamic Network Building Opportunities

The forum went beyond mere learning sessions; it was designed to foster extensive networking opportunities. Structured time for interaction was interwoven throughout the event, allowing peers to connect meaningfully over meals and cocktail receptions. These interactions are crucial for nurturing the collaborative relationships that drive progress in the grant funding community.

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A sneak peek into the forum’s vibrant atmosphere and dynamic discussions, offering a taste of what you can anticipate at the next Funder Forum.

Discussion Topics.

During the Altum Funder Forum, research funders engaged deeply with pressing issues such as the facilitation of Open Science, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in grantmaking, and the importance of robust Impact Assessment. Discussions emphasized actionable insights for fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in funding practices, with the collective aim of shaping a more transparent and effective research funding ecosystem.

grant funders

Interested in joining us at the next event?

Altum is working on plans for the next Funder Forum. Join our interest list and we’ll keep you updated on the event details and agenda as we have them.

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