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Why Take The Assessment?

The assessment looks at five dimensions: Grant Strategy and Planning, Application Management, Peer Review, Post Award, and the use of Data and Performance Management. Completing the assessment will help you identify those areas where your organizational strength is greatest as well as potential areas for growth and improvement.


How it works.

It’s easy. You complete the assessment, which takes about 10 minutes. Within seconds receive your results. You can take the assessment as many times as you’d like.


Complete the assessment consisting of 20 questions spanning 5 sections.


We’ll crunch the numbers behind the scenes and send you (and only you) your results.


Develop a better understanding of your grant making capabilities.

What it covers.

The Research Funding Capability Assessment covers five areas that are foundational to scientific grant making operations. After completing the assessment, you’ll see where your organizational capabilities are deepest, as well as those areas that may be opportunities for growth.

  • Grants Strategy and Planning
  • Application
  • Award and Peer Review
  • Post-Award
  • Data and Performance Management
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