November 17, 2020

Make Smarter Funding Decisions with ProposalCentral

Funding organizations are faced with a daunting challenge when faced with hundreds of thousands of grant applicants: How does one determine which researcher or team is the best to fund?  

Today, that decision is often made in committee where a panel of experts will rapidly review piles of applications over a period of hours or even days. It is the proverbial needle in a haystack problem. 

ProposalCentral by Altum helps funding organizations make smarter investment decisions more quickly. By automating much of the grants management process and integrating decision support tools into the grant making process, Proposal Central helps you sift through applications to identify rising stars in the research community. 

As the first fully integrated grants management and evaluation solution, Proposal Central is designed to offer unparalleled access and visibility into an entire research ecosystem. Proposal Central helps you see what’s out there, understand your impact and empower your efforts, wherever they happen to be. In short, we help you fund better. 

Proposal Central provides:

– AI-based decision support tools to find the right researchers and applicants fast 

– A holistic view of the entire application, review, award and closeout processes 

– Full collection of research outputs 

– Robust search to match terms, ingest documents and discover relationships 

– Built-in reporting, advanced analytics, and evaluation data 

– Cloud-based management of industry trends and published research 

– Functionality linking grants to publications and products for accelerated evaluation 

Funders, click here to learn more about how ProposalCentral can help your organization unlock the full potential of your grant-making efforts and deliver outcomes that benefit humanity faster.  

Researchers, click here to learn more about how Proposal Central can help you and your team find grant opportunities and connect with funders so you can focus more on R&D and delivery. 

Institution officials, click here to learn more about how Proposal Central can help your organization tap into research funding and easily managing the grants process from application to award.