October 3, 2023

ProposalCentral Announces Re-Certification with ORCID

ORCID Certification


We are thrilled to announce that ProposalCentral has once again been certified by ORCID for our continued commitment to best practices in Grant/Facility Application Management Systems. This certification serves as an affirmation of our dedication to delivering exceptional service and features to our esteemed clientele.


After rigorous review, ORCID has given ProposalCentral its stamp of approval, validating our platform’s reliability and functionality. We are honored to be featured on ORCID’s Certified Service Providers List, further bolstering our credibility in the field of grant and facility application management.


This re-certification is more than just a badge; it’s a promise of quality and reliability. As a client or stakeholder, you can rest assured that our platform meets the highest standards in the industry. It also reaffirms our pledge to provide transparent and effective grants administration, from program setup to peer review, award distribution, and post-award deliverable management.


We invite you to join our upcoming ProposalCentral Product Tour on October 24th to learn more about the enhanced features and capabilities our ORCID integration offers.