October 27, 2020

ProposalCentral Helps Research Grant Makers Deliver Better Outcomes Faster

A revolution in research is underway as more and more grant makers and grant seekers embrace the tenets of open science. The funding process and scientific journey is becoming more collaborative, more transparent, and more data-driven – and that is leading to breakthroughs in record time. (Look no further than Project Warp Speed – the massive, global effort to develop vaccines and therapeutics for COVID-19.) 

Altum is a software company driven towards the advancement of research. Our flagship product, ProposalCentralis the world’s largest unbiased and independent grants management network, connecting nearly 600,000 researchers with more than 200 funding organizations It’s a cloud-based solution that empowers funders, connects the research community, and extends the impact of grant-making long beyond the award.  

Organizations like the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, ALS Foundation, Cancer Research Society, and the St. Baldrick’s foundation, rely on ProposalCentral to help them:

Make smarter funding decisions and identify rising stars more quickly
Gain visibility into outcomes and impact and provide clear reporting to donors and boards
Tap into the power of predictive analytics to identify gaps for future research and discovery
And connect, collaborate and cooperate with the entire research ecosystem on an open platform purpose

If you are funder, click here to learn more about how ProposalCentral can help your organization unlock the full potential of your grant-making efforts and deliver outcomes that benefit humanity faster.  

If you are a researcher, click here to learn more about how Proposal Central can help you and your team find grant opportunities and connect with funders so you can focus more on R&D and delivery.