December 1, 2020

ProposalCentral is Powered By Community

Systems built over centuries have encouraged us to protect our work, to guard our funding, to gate our breakthroughs. There is exceptional value in holding ourselves to the highest standards in publication and research – but there is also exceptional value in peeling back the layers that have slowed us down in order to accelerate forward. Open research is here. Altum makes sure you are ready.

At Altum, we believe that research is most effective when it’s powered by a community. We share an ambitious vision and an open mindset, and our organization and platform are designed to foster true collaboration and partnerships. 

As the world’s largest independent grants management network, ProposalCentral enables funders and researchers to connect, collaborate, and cooperate easily. The platform provides access to a vast ecosystem of data, people, research institutions, and projects. It takes a universe of information, gives it structure, and makes it accessible. Fundamentally, we connect users to the information they need. 

ProposalCentral is a cloud-based software application, which means organizations can use the solution immediately with no customization. New features are added automatically with no upgrades required. You’re always on the latest version.  

Today more than 600,000 researchers use ProposalCentral to connect with funders, submit grant applications, as well as to give and receive peer reviews feedback. 

Funders, click here to learn more about how ProposalCentral can help your organization unlock the full potential of your grant-making efforts and deliver outcomes that benefit humanity faster.  

Researchers, click here to learn more about how Proposal Central can help you and your team find grant opportunities and connect with funders so you can focus more on R&D and delivery. 

Institution officials, click here to learn more about how Proposal Central can help your organization tap into research funding and easily managing the grants process from application to award.


It's great to see the academic world collaborating to fight COVID-19. But this information-sharing should be the rule, not the exception.

Annette Bakker, PhD

President of The Children's Tumor Foundation