How to Secure More Research Funding

Five simple and effective techniques to maximize your research funding success.

Many scientific research aspirations begin with an idea. An inkling or a hunch or an untapped area of interest. Inspiration can strike anywhere, whether in the midst of years and years of previous research, or in the middle of the night and in a completely new realm of pursuit.

But no matter our research goals, we all need one thing to actually get the ball rolling: funding. It’s the engine that underpins our practice, and it’s absolutely critical to propelling the scientific sphere forward.

So if you’re wondering how to secure more research funding, you’ve come to the right place. We’re breaking down five key techniques and need-to-knows to have in mind throughout the process to maximize your funding outcomes.

Let’s think of it as the five P’s.

Be prompt.

When it comes to the research grant application process, timeliness is your friend. Review each application thoroughly and stay ahead of deadlines and planning to avoid rushing or missing any critical details. 

Altum’s ProposalCentral platform keeps things efficient and polished every step of the way, automating manual application tasks, checking for errors, and keeping you on track through the entire grant application process.

For more information about ProposalCentral’s most valuable capabilities, visit the product overview page on our website.


ProposalCentral for Researchers

Be practiced.

Be meticulous about the details. When reviewing a research grant application, make sure you’re noting each and every requirement, spec, and need with a fine-tooth comb. Sometimes the most seemingly benign requirement can be the difference between funding and failure—so follow the instructions and reach out to peers and colleagues if you have questions.

Be personal.

Not sure how to take things to the next level? Take advantage of the whole research community. ProposalCentral is home to 800,000+ users stretching across 42,000 research institutions and contributing to 900,000+ research applications. So it’s an active and invaluable sounding board for making connections and personalizing your applications.

Is there a personal anecdote that demonstrates why this pursuit is so important to you? Never underestimate the power of personal connection when it comes to making your application stand out—and ultimately, helping ensure you secure the funding you need.

Be particular.

You’ve spent months, years, or even decades digging deep into your respective field or fields of study. Focus on finding ways to demonstrate your fit with a particular opportunity in distinct and motivating ways. Are there metrics or results you could fold into your qualifications? Can you be more specific about the unique nature of this initiative and how funding will be used? Can you be more focused when it comes to mapping out how research stages will flow or how you’ll adapt should course corrections be needed?

Details matter to funders—and cultivating a motivating base case and roadmap can go a long way toward clinching the opportunity.

Be persistent.

You can also broaden your potential opportunities by using ProposalCentral to learn about emerging programs or specializations you may not yet have considered. Here, you can search for funding from 200+ organizations and 600+ programs in one place, and receive alerts as new funding opportunities get posted. With such a broad array of resources and opportunities at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to automate that well-timed followup or to shift your submissions into a related category that might be more prolific at this moment in time.

Let’s recap.

Simply put, ProposalCentral puts a vast, highly valuable community at your fingertips—perhaps one of the largest ecosystems of funders, institutions, and researchers in the world. And by leveraging this platform and the five P’s, you can make small but meaningful adjustments to your application process and the results it delivers.

Because ultimately, funding is the backbone for some the most impactful breakthroughs across the globe. Altum has facilitated more than $26 billion in funding since its beginnings. And with these techniques in your corner, a slice of that pie is yours for the taking.


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