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SVRI Leverages ProposalCentral for Equitable, Transparent Grants Management

SVRI Case Study

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) was created in 2003 out of a recognition of the deep inequity in research resources across the developed and developing world as well as the need for more research into violence against women (VAW) and violence against children (VAC) in low- and middle-income countries.

The SVRI is committed to increasing and strengthening action-oriented research and its uptake to improve and expand VAW and VAC response and prevention programs globally. The organization pursues a four-pronged approach to achieve its mission:

With more than 8,000 members, today SVRI is the world’s largest network for research on violence against women and violence against children, providing a space where global players in the field connect with one another, share and promote their research, work to influence policies and improve the lives of those who have experienced gender-based violence.

Leveraging ProposalCentral

Since 2016, SVRI has successfully managed its funding programs on ProposalCentral. SVRI is a global, feminist, women-led NGO that works with researchers, partners and institutions all over the world. The disparity in access to technology and computing among its constituents can be significant, and therefore SVRI requires a platform that is equitable, fair and easy for anyone to use.

SVRI runs a very selective grant competition. They receive around 300 applications per year and make approximately 7 or 8 grants.

The process begins when SVRI issues a call for proposals from research teams in low- and middle-income countries. SVRI does not accept applications from individual researchers and requires that all applications come from countries classified as low- and middle-income countries by the World Bank.

The value of the system, said Angelica Pino, Grants Manager at SVRI, “is that, besides the equal access, we can count on the ProposalCentral staff to provide timely and efficient support to all applicants in relation to the technical aspects of the platform.”

By encouraging and requiring team submissions, “we guarantee there’s impact beyond the single individual,” said Ms. Pino. And by limiting submissions to research teams in low- and middle-income countries, SVRI can address the research needs in their target geographic regions. SVRI accommodates proposals in three languages – English, French and Spanish – to provide an approach based on language justice to their international audience.

It’s a great platform and the support is unbeatable.

Angelica Pino

Grants Manager, SVRI

After the call for proposals closes, SVRI runs a three-phase review process that is very rigorous, with each proposal assessed against clear criteria, including potential for impact. The first phase of the review process is a thorough evaluation of all applications. The second phase of the review process results in a short list, and the final phase enlists a panel of experts from around the world who complete the award selection. Our approach “ensures we select research that will address a gap in the field and be influential for improving services and programs,” said Ms. Pino.

Throughout the grant making process, SVRI relies on the experts at Altum to ensure everything goes smoothly. The ProposalCentral support team has been “super responsive to all technical questions. They are incredibly accommodating.” And SVRI’s commitment to ProposalCentral remains strong. “It’s a great platform and the support is unbeatable.”

SVRI on ProposalCentral

  • “PC ensures our process is equitable and fair”
  • “The system is transparent and open”
  • “It accepts proposals in various languages”
  • “The peer review process ensures we are selecting the right research teams in low- and middle-income countries”
  • “The PC team provides timely and helpful support to applicants”
SVRI Case Study

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Sexual Violence Research Initiative Leverages ProposalCentral for Equitable, Transparent Grants Management.

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