May 4, 2021

Tuesday Tip: Import Publications to Visualize Impact of Grants

Welcome back to our series, Tuesday Tips! Every other week, we’ll be sharing a quick tip, trick, or best practice to help ProposalCentral clients get more value from the solution. Here is Tuesday Tip #6 

Import publications resulting from grants to visualize outputs and impact of grants. We know that many funders have kept track of publications resulting from grants in spreadsheets. Even if you get that in web forms now, you might have historical connections in a spreadsheet.  

We can import these publications quickly and easily into ProposalCentral. Just give your CSR a list that has Award ID and Publication ID (DOI, Pubmed ID, or PubMed Central ID) in a spreadsheet. The publications show on the Output tab of the Award and are visualized as connections on Insights. 

If you have any questions, please contact your CSR or [email protected].