March 23, 2021

Tuesday Tip: Include ORCID authorization in post-award deliverables

Welcome back to our series, Tuesday Tips! Every other week, we’ll be sharing a quick tip, trick, or best practice to help ProposalCentral clients get more value from the solution. Here is Tuesday Tip #4!  

Make sure you include ORCID authorization in your post-award deliverables. This ensures your awardees have provided the full trust-level needed to update their ORCID records with your awards and to pull in future career data when the grant is over. ProposalCentral provides simple email templates as well as deliverable configuration to make this easy – for you and for your awardees. 

Using ORCID helps funding organizations build a trusted research information infrastructure by asserting connections between individuals and the grants awarded to them. Understanding the impact of your funding programs is vital to your strategy, program design, and mission alignment.

To learn more about ORCID, please visit this page.

If you have any questions, please contact your CSR or [email protected]. 


With greater visibility into our researchers’ work we will have the ability to better share and promote the impact of our funding.

Marc Gauthier

Director of Scientific Affairs and Partnerships, Cancer Research Society