April 13, 2021

Tuesday Tip: Receive Publication Outputs from Awardees as Data

Welcome back to our series, Tuesday Tips! Every other week, we’ll be sharing a quick tip, trick, or best practice to help ProposalCentral clients get more value from the solution. Here is Tuesday Tip #5!

Want to be able to show grant impact? Make sure you’re getting publication outputs from your awardees as data, not attached files. The data collection forms are already there in ProposalCentral – just add them in your progress reports.  

This process is easy for your awardees too. Researchers load their publications in their ORCID record using one of the bulk search and add tools from ORCID.  And then in the progress report to you, the researcher simply selects from their list of publications pulled from ORCID – no retyping! 

Don’t forget publications get published years after the grant is closed! Set up a survey deliverable that continues after the grant closeout to get publication data from past awardeestoo. You choose how long after grant closeout those deliverables continue. 

If you have any questions, please contact your CSR or [email protected].