January 25, 2021

Tuesday Tip: Register Your Grant DOIs

Welcome to our series called Tuesday Tips! Every other week, we’ll be sharing a quick tip, trick, or best practice to help ProposalCentral clients get more value from the solution. Without further ado, here is Tuesday Tip #1!

Register your grant DOIs with CrossRef to connect your grants and grantees with published outputs easily measure the reach and return of your grant-making efforts. When your awardees publish, they’ll be able to cite your grant directly using the grant DOI just like they cite other publications, rather than the current approach of acknowledging the funder by name in the text. To get started, funders join Crossref and are issued with a specific DOI (Digital Object Identifier) prefix. Through a simple ProposalCentral interface, funders can quickly and easily register their grants with DOIs with Crossref and communicate that DOI to awardees. To learn more read this post; and if you have any questions, please contact [email protected]