March 8, 2021

Tuesday Tip: Schedule invention reporting to track patents resulting from your award

Welcome to the third post in our series called Tuesday Tips! Every other week, we’ll be sharing a quick tip, trick, or best practice to help ProposalCentral clients get more value from the solution. 

Here is Tuesday Tip #3: 

Want an easy way to track patents resulting from your awards? A simple deliverable for invention reporting can be scheduled for awards. Just create the deliverable and turn on the invention data form. It’s easy.  Here’s how it works. 

Since most inventions come after the grant is closed and are tracked by the institution in the technology transfer office, we suggest assigning the deliverable to the Institution Official – the Technology Transfer Officer. Then schedule the deliverable annually from the award end for 3,650 days (10 years). In ProposalCentral we’ve made it easy for institutions to include their Technology Transfer Officer in their institution profile and to report all their inventions for ProposalCentral funders with a simple spreadsheet. 

If you have any questions, please contact your CSR or pcsup[email protected]