July 16, 2021

Tuesday Tip: Use Altum Insights To Find Top Researchers and Rising Stars

Welcome back to our series, Tuesday Tips! Let’s talk about Altum Insights – the new search and visualization tool that allows you to see the connections between your funding and the creation of new knowledge.

Insights allows you to search for a topic of interest. The system then queries close to 200M data points across 600,000 researchers to show you those scientists who have received the most funding in that area. Insights also shows the full breadth of deliverables and outcomes produced by a researcher (publications, patents, clinical trials) that resulted from your funding or subsequent funding. Identifying the best funded, most prolific researchers in each topic area is helpful when identifying top applicants and rising stars.

Did you know that Insights is included with ProposalCentral?

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Altum Insights has changed the way we look at our grants data, showing us connections we couldn’t see before. It used to take us months to assemble, organize, and visualize data this way.

Salvo La Rosa

Chief Scientific Officer, Children’s Tumor Foundation.