July 26, 2021

Tuesday Tip: Use Altum Insights To Find Track Researcher Impact and Collaboration

Welcome back to our series, Tuesday Tips! Let’s talk about Altum Insights – the new search and visualization tool that allows you to see the connections between your funding and the creation of new knowledge.

With Insights you can search for a primary investigator to see how prolific they’ve been since your funding. Insights will also show you the grants upon which your PI is collaborating and how subsequent publications connect back to other grants.

How it works: The system queries close to 200M data points across 600,000 researchers to show you the full breadth of deliverables and outcomes produced by a researcher because of your funding or subsequent funding.

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Insights has allowed us to make connections across our portfolio that we did not think were possible. The ability to visualize outcomes is transforming our grant making process and how we report results to our board and donor community.

Becky Weaver

Chief Mission Officer, St. Baldrick’s Foundation