September 29, 2020

Altum, Inc. joins National Information Standards Organization (NISO) as a Voting Member

Altum, Inc. has joined the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) as a voting member, entitling it to vote on and assist NISO with deciding which standards to develop.  NISO is a not-for-profit membership organization that identifies, develops, maintains, and publishes technical standards to manage information, in three main categories — Information Creation & Curation, Information Discovery & Interchange, and Information Policy & Analysis.

“We’re excited to join NISO as a voting member, and look forward to partnering with leaders across the organization to shape the next generation of standards that will support open research and open science,” said Steve Pinchotti, CEO of Altum

Leaders of over 100 organizations serve as voting members of NISO, a further 100+ are Library Standards Alliance members, and over 500 experts and practitioners serve on NISO working groups, committees, and as officers of the association.

“As a voting member of NISO, Altum will be at the forefront of shaping and adopting the latest information standards for research organizations, ensuring that Altum’s products are built based on the industry’s best practices and always meet customers’ current and emerging needs,” Pinchotti said.

“We are delighted to welcome Altum as a NISO voting member,” said Todd Carpenter, NISO’s Executive Director.

"With their expertise in grants management and their strong connections with the funding community, they will bring an invaluable perspective to our standards work."

Todd Carpenter

NISO's Executive Director

About Altum
Altum is a software company driven towards the advancement of research. ProposalCentral is a Cloud-based grants management platform designed to empower funders, connect the research community, and extend the impact of grant-making long beyond the award. Altum believes that research is most effective when it’s powered by a community. Altum shares an ambitious vision and an open mind-set, and their organization and platform are designed to foster true collaboration and partnerships. Altum’s headquarters is located in Reston, Virginia.

About NISO
Based in Baltimore, MD, NISO’s mission is to build knowledge, foster discussion, and advance authoritative standards development through collaboration among the cultural, scholarly, scientific, and professional communities. To fulfill this mission, NISO engages with libraries, publishers, information aggregators, and other organizations that support learning, research, and scholarship through the creation, organization, management, and curation of knowledge. NISO works with intersecting communities of interest and across the entire lifecycle of information standards. NISO is a not-for-profit association accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). For more information, visit the NISO website ( or contact us at [email protected].