August 31, 2020

Altum unveils Open initiative

Altum unveiled a new and important initiative for the research community called Open (  Open is a mindset and a belief that to truly create change, we must break down the walls and silos that have hindered innovation for centuries. Altum’s research management platform, ProposalCentral, and the power of the research analytics contained therein, is a true game changer for research organizations.

ProposalCentral is currently the fourth largest health and biomedical research funding platform in the world.  Having this amount of data on one platform, from a diverse group of global research funders, provides our customers the opportunity to collaborate and analyze the research landscape more than any individual organization can do with a stand-alone system.  The ability to collaborate earlier in the research life cycle to impact funding decisions, identify rising stars, and highlight important research trends before they are published is unprecedented and will truly impact the way research is funded for years to come.

Open is our strategic focus and initiative to have research funders, researchers, institutions, the scholarly publishing community, and standards organizations work together to collaborate, share data, and embrace the Open Science journey.

Steve Pinchotti


“Today marks what would have been the first day of Altum’s first research conference called Research 2020,” said Steve Pinchotti. “It’s disappointing we weren’t able to unveil Open in person with our conference attendees and community of funders, but I’m excited to continue this dialogue with our customers on how to advance the industry in new directions.  Altum’s mission is to revolutionize the research process and accelerate the innovation life cycle and we believe that our customers will embrace the idea of Open and partner with us to develop more innovative solutions.

Altum is a software company driven towards the advancement of research. Our ProposalCentral software platform is designed to empower funders, connect the research community, and extend the impact of grant-making long beyond the award. ProposalCentral brings users into a vast ecosystem of data, people, research institutions, and projects immediately. It takes a universe of information, gives it structure, and makes it accessible.