September 28, 2022

Event Recap – Forum on Global Grants Management


On September 7, 2022 the first Forum on Global Grants Management was held in Strasbourg, France. Research funders spent the day working through some of the most important topics facing scientific grant makers, namely: Open Science, Collaboration & Joint Funding, and the importance of Impact and Outcome Reporting.  The group explored the connections between these concepts and developed a list of ideas to propel these topics forward.

Break-out sessions were held on each topic, led by Guntram Bauer at HFSP, Matthew Buys at DataCite, Ginny Hendricks at Crossref, and Todd Carpenter at NISO.

Why we held this event

Altum is committed to open science, data transparency, and a more inclusive research ecosystem. But we were unable to identify an existing event that brings together funders to share best practices, problem solve, and develop shared strategies that benefit everyone. To fill that void, Altum created the Forum on Global Grants Management.

The approach

Our aim was to create an environment that allows for open conversation. The event was structured based on four overriding tenets: Interactive, Conversational, Open, and Visual.

  • Each topic had an opening presentation followed by break-out conversations and read-outs. At the end of the day, we convened as a full group to summarize key findings and takeaways.
  • Run under the Chatham House Rule, attendees are free to use information from the discussion, but are not allowed to reveal who made any particular comment.
  • A graphic storyteller was present. He created a visual representation from the day’s discussion. A digital copy of the poster can be downloaded here.
  • Watch a video version of the poster here.


What’s next?

Altum is working on a dedicated web page to share the core content that was born out of the event. That will be shared publicly in October. In addition, a majority of attendees felt strongly that this event should be continued. Altum is working on plans for 2023. Stay tuned for additional information.

About Altum
Altum is a software company driven towards the advancement of research. ProposalCentral is a cloud based grants management platform designed to empower funders, connect the research community, and extend the impact of grant-making long beyond the award. Altum believes that research is most effective when it’s powered by a community. Altum shares an ambitious vision and an open mind-set, and their organization and platform are designed to foster true collaboration and partnerships. Altum’s headquarters is in Reston, Virginia.

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