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June 3, 2020

ProposalCentral makes history as the first ORCID certified platform for funders

Altum is pleased to announce that ProposalCentral has been recognized by ORCID as the first certified funder platform. This is the culmination of years of investment and partnership among Altum, ORCID, and the research funders using ProposalCentral.

ProposalCentral is a fully-integrated grants management and evaluation solution for research funders offering unparalleled access and visibility into the entire research ecosystem. As a single platform shared by funders, researchers, and research institutions, ProposalCentral enables a seamless, collaborative, and open interactions throughout the research community to accelerate scientific discovery.

ORCID is a powerful enabler within ProposalCentral, simplifying the research application and management process for the researcher and providing a powerful tool for funders to assess their impact.

Details of the integration of ORCID within the ProposalCentral workflow for funders, researchers, and research institutions is provided in the attachment.

ORCID-Integration-with-ProposalCentral (PDF)

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